Neverwinter Nights

Battle Log: Asteron

Days since leaving Birth labyrinth: lost count.
Day 1 with new group

1. Seems sleepy alone in unknown territory was not best of ideas.

2. No good with the sneaky and the quick killing with tiny blade. Axe much better at breaking rats apart.

3. Should pay more attention when stabbing rat so don’t get backstabed by other rat.

4. Rats seem to have huge appetite for human.
3b. Human with funny face seem to have huge hate of rats.

5. Dwarf not fan of fire, seemed very attached to beard.

6. having enemy launched towards me to hit is great, no need to chase after.

7. Dwarf seemed to grow horns at one point and good at charge, wonder if have Minotaur ancestry.

8. Horrible tentacle creature are annoying, but very satisfying to smash with axe.

9. Should kill opponent quick, magical guy take all the fun out of it.

10. It was good to fight along side new comrades, will follow for now.

P.S. Plus this solve sleep problem.



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