Neverwinter Nights

Battle Log: Asteron II

1.Don’t like wizard people, keep staring at me like they wanted to dissect me. if anyone came near me with a wand pointed at me they would get a face full of ax.

2. Beholders make the craziest of things, the thing was clearly not very stabble as it melted easily, at least it tasted good.

3. NEVER get between two ogres, it doesn’t end pretty.

4. Beholders are assholes.

5. Beholders are ASSHOLES.

6. I met the first worthy foe in a long time, it was a pity that we had to kill her and we couldn’t just spare her, but the seal that kept my companion’s master imprisoned was held by her and she had no intention of letting go in her quest for power. May no ill will go to her and may we face each other in the other planes. her strength will be part of mine as her gauntlet, still soaked in her blood is now worn by me.



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