Neverwinter Nights

Character Log : Garrick

Feb 3rd, Garrick’s log

No answers found today, only a dozen more questions

The city of Neverwinter has fallen under attack, strange, unsettling creatures appeared seemingly from nowhere and began attacking villagers. I, as well as a few other capable adventurers, managed to defeat them before the casualties rose too high. I decided that it would be very beneficial to keep myself associated with these folk, as they seem trustworthy, not to mention valuable in a fight. Together we investigated the city, and managed to find an underground ruin, concealing a sea of concentrated spell plague, as well as a powerful beast, who seemed to have control over our very thoughts, or at least enough to have my dwarf companion turn his attack towards me. My companions disposed of the beast with relative ease, however. More reason yet to keep myself acquainted.

Upon resurfacing we returned to the General of Neverember’s army, Sebine, whose loveliness pales only to the loyalty she shows to her Lord. She invited myself and my new found companions to Neverember’s ball being held that night. At the ball I thought it my chance to get to know my enemy, however I managed to speak to Neverember only briefly before The Sons of Alogondor revealed themselves in an attempt to assassinate the man. One of the men recognized me in the crowd, and labeled me a traitor. Once the assassins were dealt with I was approached by a noble who claimed to work with mutual friends, he told me to meet him at midnight.

Is Dagult Neverember truly the man I was told he was? Why exactly do the Sons want him dead? Is the Noble an associate of the Harpers? Why do the Harpers support the Sons? Why did Cymril do what she did? What are the beasts attacking Neverwinter? How does the spellplague fit into all of this? These are all questions that need answering, and soon.



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