Neverwinter Nights

Character Log : Wil

Feb 3rd Wizard’s Notes

- Spellplague victim mumbled some things of interest: Symphony, tendrills/tentacles, shared mental images or experiences/control.

-Majority of city guards seem to be mercenaries for Lord Neverember. Sinking significant resources into the welfare of the city. Motives?

-Sons of Alagondar: Who do they represent and why do they resist Neverember’s rule so deeply? Neverember may not be altruistic, but on the surface it does seem he’s helping protect the city and it’s interests. (As best as they are able.) Is Neverember not what he seems? Are the Sons a front for another group vying for control? Both?

-We’ve drawn attention to ourselves on many fronts. Mapping out the city and finding a safe haven for our efforts may be a good idea to both protect us and give us a plan of attack.



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