Neverwinter Nights

Session 1 - Ruins and Regicide

Written by Michael W

Played on – February 3, 2013

-Under Attack!
-The Ruins
-Meeting the General
-The Lord’s Party

1. Under Attack!
Chaos, panic, bloodshed. The adventurers find themselves in the midst of an attack on the town. Citizens flee foul beasts approaching from the East. The dwarf steps in the way of a couple peasants, and demands to know what is happening. Too dumbfounded to speak, they stop in their tracks, and stumble over their words. Before they know it, the beasts are upon them. They are foul beings not of this world. Their forms pulse in and out of this dimension.

The paladin attempts to commune with the beasts, and is met with strange visions. Unable to communicate, our heroes decide to settle this conflict with blade and spell. They begin dispatching the creatures with little difficulty. Shortly thereafter, our wizard joins the fray, nearly felling one of Fell Taint Pulars with one flick of his hand. The archer steadies her aim, and dispatches a Fell Taint Lasher with her Twin Fang strike. As they enemies fall, visions of pain and suffering fill the minds of our heroes. The battle is firmly in their grasp, and the party slays the remaining foes with ease.

As the dust settles, the town guard approaches. These attacks have been going on for some time, and the guards are scarcely able to maintain order. The guards escort our adventurers to a small homestead on the outskirts of town. It is believed to be the source of the creatures.

2. The Ruins

Our adventurers approach the home with caution, suspect of what may be waiting inside. The archer peers inside, and there seems to be no danger. They make their way inside, and discover a villager near death. Covered in lacerations, the man rambles incoherently about a spellplague. Not trusting the man, our dwarf binds him to a chair while the bard and paladin question him. The man is so racked with pain and madness, they can make no sense of what he is saying.

A large gash is cut into the corner of the room. Our heroes are unable to see into its depths. After a bit of discussion, the party decides to move the infected villager to the main hall and strap him to the bed frame. After this, they suit up the dwarf with climbing gear and send him down into the gash.

After making his way to down into what appears to be some sort of ancient ruin, the dwarf lights a sunrod. After illuminating the vicinity, he calls up to the other members to come down. After everyone has climbed down, the heroes slowly advance into the chamber ahead.

As they approach a collapsed section of wall. A terrible monstrosity descends from above. With tentacles lashing and fangs snarling, our adventurers know this monster means them harm. The creature lands in front of the dwarf, and strikes out with his tendrils, nearly slaying him. Mental anguish racks his fellow party members as he corrupts their minds. The archer and wizard strike mighty blows on the beast, bloodying its foul visage.

Confusion and terror grip the mind of the dwarf, driving him to attack one of his own. Overcoming the confusion, the dwarf calls forth power of his ancestors, assuming the form of the Fearsome Ram. He charges to Thought Scorge, smashing it into the opposing wall. Bloodied and dazed, the beast nears its end. The archer levels her bow, and looses an arrow. It find its home in between the monster’s eyes, ending its wretched existence.

Upon slaying the beast, our party explored the rest of the ruins. They discovered a small amount of treasure that they decided would be best split evenly. They then made their way through the collapse portion of the wall. All that was visible was a sheer cliff, with no visible bottom. A cloud of concentrated spellplague hung in the air.

After our party realized this was a dead end, they climbed back out of the ruins. Upon reaching the small home, they saw the man’s condition had improved slightly. He was no longer mumbling incoherently and seemed more at ease. Our adventurers decided it would be wise to take the man back to town and report their findings to the town guard.

3. Meeting the General

Upon returning to the town, the adventurers met with General Sabine. Upon hearing of their triumph, the general rewarded our heroes with a sack of gems and an invitation to a galla being held in her lord’s honor that evening.

After some light discussion, the party went their seperate ways, preparing both for the party and adventures ahead.

4. The Lord’s Party

Our heroes approached the lord’s manor, outfitted in their newly acquired formalwear. After mentioning their exploits, the doormen allowed the adventurer’s to pass. Our heroes dispersed once inside. Some indulging in pleasure, while others had a mind for business.

After some light introductions and small talk, all hell broke loose. A party goer revealed himself as a master assassin, as several more descended from the rafters. The guests howled in terror, and attempted to flee, but the doors were barred. They were here for the life of Lord Neverember, but our heroes would not make the task easy.

General Sabine immediately rushed to the side of her lord, sworn to protect his life, while our party dealth with the other assassins. After doing battle, the assassins revealed themselves to be members of the Sons of Alagondar.

The heroes proved more than enough to protect the lord, with the assailants falling before getting more than a scratch on Neverember.

As the battle drew to a close, the lord’s guard finally burst through the door. The cool night air came rushing in as quickly as the guests went rushing out.

Lord Neverember humbly expressed his gratitude to the heroes.



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