Neverwinter Nights

Session 3 : The New Guys

Played on – March 17, 2013

A New Day Dawns
New friends or foes?
Spellplagued Wererat
The Next Step
1. A New Day Dawns

The party awoke, seemingly undisturbed. The paladin seemed exhausted, and did not rise with the bard and dwarf. The two heroes decided to explore the nearby corridors while awaiting their companion.

After walking for a short time, the duo came upon a caged minotaur, engaged in combat with his wererat captors. They attempted to approach the situation without being noticed, but weren’t very succesful.

2. New Friends or Foes?

Knowing the wererats were up to no good, our galant duo decided to take part in the battle. The minotaur restrained one of the rats, while our bard and dwarf did their best to dispatch the others.

As the battle was getting underway, a devious sorcerer approached our heroes from behind. The sorcerer cast a fire spell on two of the wererats, catching our dwarf in the blast. With that blast, more wererats joined the fray. With each of our heroes partaking in their own struggle, the battle became chaotic, but our heroes were edging out a victory. The sorcerer let fly terrible bolts of destruction, the minotaur ruthlessly bludgeoned his captors, the dwarf held fast his ground, and the bard rallied them.

With the battle well under way, the party’s wizard had miraculously appeared. Their numbers, and confidence bolstered, our heroes quickly dispatched the vile wererats.

Now three, our heroes decided it best to investigate the intentions of these new warriors. After explaining who they were, and how they had ended up in this predicament, our heroes decided it would be best to band together. At least until they found a way out of these sewers.

3. Spellplagued Wererat

After grabbing any loot they could find, and burning the corpses of the wererats, our heroes continued deeper into the sewers.

After a short while, they came upon a hideous monstrosity. One of the wererats had become afflicted by the spellplague, twisting and contorting it’s form into something even more vile. Latched onto the wererat was one of the creatures the heroes had encountered back in town.

Having dealt with these creatures before, the party decided not to take this one lightly. The wererat began lashing out at our heroes with its tentacles, knocking the bard to the ground. The dwarf and minotaur respoded in kind by charging the Fel Lasher. Their combined might dispatched the creature with terrifying speed.

After defeating the Fel Lasher, our heroes turned their attention to the foul wererat before them. It’s twisted tentacles whipped at our adventurers, cutting them and knocking them down. However, the abomination could not stand the assault of our heroes for long, and they finished it with relative ease.

4. The Next Step

After our party had dealt with the wererat, they burned the corpses and searched for loot. The heroes found a few small trinkets here and there.

The crew then decided to make their way up a staircase to the East. However, that plan quickly changed. When our heroes emerged, they discovered they were in the middle of an orcish slum, and decided to retreat back to the sewers. Unsure of how to continue, the party decided to rest for the night in the same room as before, and make their decision when they awoke.



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