Wrathrin Frostspire

In the City of Neverwinter...ONE Tiefling...WILL STAND....AND DRINK....AND....PASS....OUT.


Wrathrin Frostspire was born to a wealthy mercenary family before the Cataclysm. He had just taken his first job 20 years ago when the Cataclysm rocked Neverwinter. When word reached him it was far too late…with just a handful of his family remaining he has come back to Neverwinter to reclaim his family’s wealth and take charge of their mercenary trade.

His arrival came at the worst of times. A lich had lead an army of undead to the gates of Neverwinter and a dracholich under her command destroyed the ship carrying him to the city’s ports. He found some basic gear and made his way into the city. Under the banner of Sergeant Knox’s militia he defended the Sleeping Dragon Bridge against the undead threat.

When he was recognized and ready to receive his accolades he stumbled across a plot to capture the Crown of Neverwinter which eventually has lead him to the orc-infested Tower District….

((OOC…my Neverwinter MMORPG character from beta))


Wrathrin Frostspire

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