Neverwinter Nights

Battle Log: Asteron II

1.Don’t like wizard people, keep staring at me like they wanted to dissect me. if anyone came near me with a wand pointed at me they would get a face full of ax.

2. Beholders make the craziest of things, the thing was clearly not very stabble as it melted easily, at least it tasted good.

3. NEVER get between two ogres, it doesn’t end pretty.

4. Beholders are assholes.

5. Beholders are ASSHOLES.

6. I met the first worthy foe in a long time, it was a pity that we had to kill her and we couldn’t just spare her, but the seal that kept my companion’s master imprisoned was held by her and she had no intention of letting go in her quest for power. May no ill will go to her and may we face each other in the other planes. her strength will be part of mine as her gauntlet, still soaked in her blood is now worn by me.

Session 3 : The New Guys

Played on – March 17, 2013

A New Day Dawns
New friends or foes?
Spellplagued Wererat
The Next Step
1. A New Day Dawns

The party awoke, seemingly undisturbed. The paladin seemed exhausted, and did not rise with the bard and dwarf. The two heroes decided to explore the nearby corridors while awaiting their companion.

After walking for a short time, the duo came upon a caged minotaur, engaged in combat with his wererat captors. They attempted to approach the situation without being noticed, but weren’t very succesful.

2. New Friends or Foes?

Knowing the wererats were up to no good, our galant duo decided to take part in the battle. The minotaur restrained one of the rats, while our bard and dwarf did their best to dispatch the others.

As the battle was getting underway, a devious sorcerer approached our heroes from behind. The sorcerer cast a fire spell on two of the wererats, catching our dwarf in the blast. With that blast, more wererats joined the fray. With each of our heroes partaking in their own struggle, the battle became chaotic, but our heroes were edging out a victory. The sorcerer let fly terrible bolts of destruction, the minotaur ruthlessly bludgeoned his captors, the dwarf held fast his ground, and the bard rallied them.

With the battle well under way, the party’s wizard had miraculously appeared. Their numbers, and confidence bolstered, our heroes quickly dispatched the vile wererats.

Now three, our heroes decided it best to investigate the intentions of these new warriors. After explaining who they were, and how they had ended up in this predicament, our heroes decided it would be best to band together. At least until they found a way out of these sewers.

3. Spellplagued Wererat

After grabbing any loot they could find, and burning the corpses of the wererats, our heroes continued deeper into the sewers.

After a short while, they came upon a hideous monstrosity. One of the wererats had become afflicted by the spellplague, twisting and contorting it’s form into something even more vile. Latched onto the wererat was one of the creatures the heroes had encountered back in town.

Having dealt with these creatures before, the party decided not to take this one lightly. The wererat began lashing out at our heroes with its tentacles, knocking the bard to the ground. The dwarf and minotaur respoded in kind by charging the Fel Lasher. Their combined might dispatched the creature with terrifying speed.

After defeating the Fel Lasher, our heroes turned their attention to the foul wererat before them. It’s twisted tentacles whipped at our adventurers, cutting them and knocking them down. However, the abomination could not stand the assault of our heroes for long, and they finished it with relative ease.

4. The Next Step

After our party had dealt with the wererat, they burned the corpses and searched for loot. The heroes found a few small trinkets here and there.

The crew then decided to make their way up a staircase to the East. However, that plan quickly changed. When our heroes emerged, they discovered they were in the middle of an orcish slum, and decided to retreat back to the sewers. Unsure of how to continue, the party decided to rest for the night in the same room as before, and make their decision when they awoke.

Battle Log: Asteron

Days since leaving Birth labyrinth: lost count.
Day 1 with new group

1. Seems sleepy alone in unknown territory was not best of ideas.

2. No good with the sneaky and the quick killing with tiny blade. Axe much better at breaking rats apart.

3. Should pay more attention when stabbing rat so don’t get backstabed by other rat.

4. Rats seem to have huge appetite for human.
3b. Human with funny face seem to have huge hate of rats.

5. Dwarf not fan of fire, seemed very attached to beard.

6. having enemy launched towards me to hit is great, no need to chase after.

7. Dwarf seemed to grow horns at one point and good at charge, wonder if have Minotaur ancestry.

8. Horrible tentacle creature are annoying, but very satisfying to smash with axe.

9. Should kill opponent quick, magical guy take all the fun out of it.

10. It was good to fight along side new comrades, will follow for now.

P.S. Plus this solve sleep problem.

Session Two : Sewers, Swords, And Seperation

1. Parting Ways

Shortly after Lord Neverember extended his offer, the party bagen to discuss whether they should accept or not. At this time, Silamnriel the ranger let it be known she could no longer continue on this quest. Something distant echoed back to her homeland, and she could not resist its call. Similarly, Wil the wizard had also discovered a minor bit of personal business he had to attend to in short order.

And thus, the party was 3… For now…

2. The Moonstone Mask

Our heroes exit the carriage appointed to them, awestruck by the landscape of the Moonstone Mask. After taking in the view, the party makes their way into the main hall.

Music fills the room, and many different conversations create a dull buzz. The proprietor, an attractive woman with a penchant for revealing evening wear, approches the group. She explains that their arrival is expected, and their bill has already been taken care.

After some light dicussion, the party decided to make full use of their open tab. The dwarf naturally began sampling the local ales, stouts, lagers, and whatever alcoholic beverage he could find. The bard took to the stage, performing an inspiring melody on his lute. Meanwhile, the paladin was enjoying some private company behind closed curtains.

After awhile, an argument broke out between one of the locals and a member of Neverember’s guard about protection of the city, and Neverember’s true intentions. Seeing this as an oppurtunity for a little excitement, our dwarf, inspired by the alcohol coursing through him, gave the local a slight nudge towards the guard.

This minor action caused the guardsman to become enraged at the the local’s apparent display of disrespect. His fellow guards held back the man, while our bard defused the situation, disappointing as it may have been to the dwarf.

After everyone had said their peace and dispersed, our heroes retired to their seperate quarters, and rested for the night.

3. The Next Morning

Upon awakening, the dwarf found a man hiding in his room. No ordinary man though. A shade, pulsing in and out of this world. Surprised, and a little angry, the dwarf rousted himself from his bed, with the family jewels and scepter proudly displayed.

Dumbfounded by the audactity of the dwarf, the shade stumbled over his words. He explained that he had been sent by Lord Neverember and had a private message for the party. After hearing this, the dwarf dressed himself and roused the rest of our heroes.

The shade explained that there was an old mages’ tower near the edge of town, and inside was an item of great importance to Neverember. An artifact known as the Malleus Maleficarum. If the party should retrieve this item, they would be paid handsomely for their efforts. Neverember was also interested in any other armors and armor that may be found inside, and offered to pay for those as well.

After a bit of discussion, the heroes agreed they would retrieve this item. The shade then explained to them there were two ways to the tower. The heroes could trudge through orc-infested slums… Or he could have the wizard Delacha Anryn teleport them via a linked portal.

Lacking in manpower, the heroes decided that sneaking through the sewers may be their best option. And with that, the were transported.

4. The Sewers

Our heroes found themselves in a cylindrical room, with smooth hewn stone walls surrounding them, and a door leading to the East. After some brief inspection, our party made their way through the door. The hall they entered was similarly contrsucted, and they continued on their way forward.

After a short while, the adventurers came to an intersection. There was a doorway to the North, and more empty halls leading to the South and further East.

Letting his curiosity get the better of him, our dwarf began rummaging through a rubbish pile in hopes of finding some lost trinket or treasure. Instead what he found was a swarm of rats. Surprised by their sheer numbers, the dwarf fell back as he yelled to his fellow adventurers.

The heroes deftly cut down rat after rat, but their best efforts seemed ineffective at dealing with this writhing mass of critters.

After a time, two wererats joined the battle from the South, wielding short swords. The heroes decided that the dwarf and paladin would engage the wereats, while the bard found a way to deal with rat swarm.

The vile foes put up a fight to be remembered. Bloodying our deft adventurers. Eventually, the bard returned with a basket of hay, and a torch, whcih he used to set the rat swarm ablaze.

This small vixtory inspired our heroes, and they slayed the wererats without much further trouble.

After the battle, the party set the corpses on fire, and took a short rest to recover before continuing further South.

After a short walk, they discovered some sort of makeshift den. It appeared to be where the wererats were taking up residence. After rummaging through everything, the party decided it best to burn it all, lest the rats have a home ro return to.

Halls lead to the East and West from this hovel, and our party decided to move to the West. There they discovered a hidden room, where they could feel some kind of magic at work. There were two statues wearing magical cloaks, and a strange, circular altar in the middle of the room.

After investigating everything, the dwarf climbed up the statues and claimed the cloaks for his own. A brief inspection by the bard revealed they had minor protective properties, but not much more. The heroes distributed these and left the room.

After exiting the hidden room, the players made their way into a door led North. This opened to a small room with weapon racks on either side. They were well kept, but unremarkable. There was one blade among them that stood out. It had the initials ‘E.B’ engraved on it. Our paladin recognized this blade as belonging to Ernesto Balatast. The group decided it best to take them, in hopes of being rewarded by Neverember.

5. Jandan

Yet another door opened to the North. The players entered, and discovered a much larger, and netter equipped wererat looking over a table of maps and notes. Looking up from the table, he introduced himself as Jandan, leader of the Dead Rats.

Their identites still unknown, the rat assumed them to be new recruits. The bard did the best he could to maintain the ruse. After awhile, his resolve broke and he called for attack!

The heroes attacked the rat, but he was swift and agile. He clawed their faces, and danced about the room. He dodged attacks with great precision. Our heroes kept their wits about them though, and slowly but surely began wearing the foul creature down.

Our dwarf decided he had had enough, and assumed his primal form of the Fearsome Ram, and charged Jandan, knocking him nearly across the room.

As the tides of battle were turning, Jandan released a Dire Rat! The creature went straight for the bard. The combined attacks of the rat and Jandan overcame the bard, and fell to the ground.

Seeing their comrade so near the death, the dwarf and the paladin rallied. The paladin called down righteous fury upon Jandan, and he and the dire rat were dispatched in short order.

The dwarf and paladin rushed to the bard, and stabilized his condition. After recuperating, the heroes examined the corpses of Jandan and the rat. The bard found a fine blade, which emitted a light hum. His arcane prowess was not great enough to discern anything further, but he figured it would be good to hold on to. The paladin also found a mysterious note addressed to Jandan on the table, signed only as ‘C’.

Once the heroes were sure they had gotten all they had come for, they torched the bodies and left the room. The heroes decided to hold up in the hidden room for the night, and recuperate, for they had just fought a mighty battle and barely escaped with their lives.

Character Log : Garrick

Feb 3rd, Garrick’s log

No answers found today, only a dozen more questions

The city of Neverwinter has fallen under attack, strange, unsettling creatures appeared seemingly from nowhere and began attacking villagers. I, as well as a few other capable adventurers, managed to defeat them before the casualties rose too high. I decided that it would be very beneficial to keep myself associated with these folk, as they seem trustworthy, not to mention valuable in a fight. Together we investigated the city, and managed to find an underground ruin, concealing a sea of concentrated spell plague, as well as a powerful beast, who seemed to have control over our very thoughts, or at least enough to have my dwarf companion turn his attack towards me. My companions disposed of the beast with relative ease, however. More reason yet to keep myself acquainted.

Upon resurfacing we returned to the General of Neverember’s army, Sebine, whose loveliness pales only to the loyalty she shows to her Lord. She invited myself and my new found companions to Neverember’s ball being held that night. At the ball I thought it my chance to get to know my enemy, however I managed to speak to Neverember only briefly before The Sons of Alogondor revealed themselves in an attempt to assassinate the man. One of the men recognized me in the crowd, and labeled me a traitor. Once the assassins were dealt with I was approached by a noble who claimed to work with mutual friends, he told me to meet him at midnight.

Is Dagult Neverember truly the man I was told he was? Why exactly do the Sons want him dead? Is the Noble an associate of the Harpers? Why do the Harpers support the Sons? Why did Cymril do what she did? What are the beasts attacking Neverwinter? How does the spellplague fit into all of this? These are all questions that need answering, and soon.

Character Log : Wil

Feb 3rd Wizard’s Notes

- Spellplague victim mumbled some things of interest: Symphony, tendrills/tentacles, shared mental images or experiences/control.

-Majority of city guards seem to be mercenaries for Lord Neverember. Sinking significant resources into the welfare of the city. Motives?

-Sons of Alagondar: Who do they represent and why do they resist Neverember’s rule so deeply? Neverember may not be altruistic, but on the surface it does seem he’s helping protect the city and it’s interests. (As best as they are able.) Is Neverember not what he seems? Are the Sons a front for another group vying for control? Both?

-We’ve drawn attention to ourselves on many fronts. Mapping out the city and finding a safe haven for our efforts may be a good idea to both protect us and give us a plan of attack.

Session 1 - Ruins and Regicide

Written by Michael W

Played on – February 3, 2013

-Under Attack!
-The Ruins
-Meeting the General
-The Lord’s Party

1. Under Attack!
Chaos, panic, bloodshed. The adventurers find themselves in the midst of an attack on the town. Citizens flee foul beasts approaching from the East. The dwarf steps in the way of a couple peasants, and demands to know what is happening. Too dumbfounded to speak, they stop in their tracks, and stumble over their words. Before they know it, the beasts are upon them. They are foul beings not of this world. Their forms pulse in and out of this dimension.

The paladin attempts to commune with the beasts, and is met with strange visions. Unable to communicate, our heroes decide to settle this conflict with blade and spell. They begin dispatching the creatures with little difficulty. Shortly thereafter, our wizard joins the fray, nearly felling one of Fell Taint Pulars with one flick of his hand. The archer steadies her aim, and dispatches a Fell Taint Lasher with her Twin Fang strike. As they enemies fall, visions of pain and suffering fill the minds of our heroes. The battle is firmly in their grasp, and the party slays the remaining foes with ease.

As the dust settles, the town guard approaches. These attacks have been going on for some time, and the guards are scarcely able to maintain order. The guards escort our adventurers to a small homestead on the outskirts of town. It is believed to be the source of the creatures.

2. The Ruins

Our adventurers approach the home with caution, suspect of what may be waiting inside. The archer peers inside, and there seems to be no danger. They make their way inside, and discover a villager near death. Covered in lacerations, the man rambles incoherently about a spellplague. Not trusting the man, our dwarf binds him to a chair while the bard and paladin question him. The man is so racked with pain and madness, they can make no sense of what he is saying.

A large gash is cut into the corner of the room. Our heroes are unable to see into its depths. After a bit of discussion, the party decides to move the infected villager to the main hall and strap him to the bed frame. After this, they suit up the dwarf with climbing gear and send him down into the gash.

After making his way to down into what appears to be some sort of ancient ruin, the dwarf lights a sunrod. After illuminating the vicinity, he calls up to the other members to come down. After everyone has climbed down, the heroes slowly advance into the chamber ahead.

As they approach a collapsed section of wall. A terrible monstrosity descends from above. With tentacles lashing and fangs snarling, our adventurers know this monster means them harm. The creature lands in front of the dwarf, and strikes out with his tendrils, nearly slaying him. Mental anguish racks his fellow party members as he corrupts their minds. The archer and wizard strike mighty blows on the beast, bloodying its foul visage.

Confusion and terror grip the mind of the dwarf, driving him to attack one of his own. Overcoming the confusion, the dwarf calls forth power of his ancestors, assuming the form of the Fearsome Ram. He charges to Thought Scorge, smashing it into the opposing wall. Bloodied and dazed, the beast nears its end. The archer levels her bow, and looses an arrow. It find its home in between the monster’s eyes, ending its wretched existence.

Upon slaying the beast, our party explored the rest of the ruins. They discovered a small amount of treasure that they decided would be best split evenly. They then made their way through the collapse portion of the wall. All that was visible was a sheer cliff, with no visible bottom. A cloud of concentrated spellplague hung in the air.

After our party realized this was a dead end, they climbed back out of the ruins. Upon reaching the small home, they saw the man’s condition had improved slightly. He was no longer mumbling incoherently and seemed more at ease. Our adventurers decided it would be wise to take the man back to town and report their findings to the town guard.

3. Meeting the General

Upon returning to the town, the adventurers met with General Sabine. Upon hearing of their triumph, the general rewarded our heroes with a sack of gems and an invitation to a galla being held in her lord’s honor that evening.

After some light discussion, the party went their seperate ways, preparing both for the party and adventures ahead.

4. The Lord’s Party

Our heroes approached the lord’s manor, outfitted in their newly acquired formalwear. After mentioning their exploits, the doormen allowed the adventurer’s to pass. Our heroes dispersed once inside. Some indulging in pleasure, while others had a mind for business.

After some light introductions and small talk, all hell broke loose. A party goer revealed himself as a master assassin, as several more descended from the rafters. The guests howled in terror, and attempted to flee, but the doors were barred. They were here for the life of Lord Neverember, but our heroes would not make the task easy.

General Sabine immediately rushed to the side of her lord, sworn to protect his life, while our party dealth with the other assassins. After doing battle, the assassins revealed themselves to be members of the Sons of Alagondar.

The heroes proved more than enough to protect the lord, with the assailants falling before getting more than a scratch on Neverember.

As the battle drew to a close, the lord’s guard finally burst through the door. The cool night air came rushing in as quickly as the guests went rushing out.

Lord Neverember humbly expressed his gratitude to the heroes.


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