Neverwinter Themes

Neverwinter Nights Character Themes

Neverwinter Campaign Setting:

Neverwinter Noble (Human) – True Heir of Neverwinter
Oghma’s Faithful – Gifted with divine visions
Harper Agent – A betrayed Harper trying to win the trust of the organization.
Dead Rat Deserter (Human, half-elf, halfling), – A former thieves guild member
Iliyanbruen Guardian (Eladrin)- An eladrin returned from Faerie
Uthgardt barbarian (Human) – A savage warrior seeking revenge
Pack outcast (Human or shifter) – Cast out of a pack of werewolves
Heir of Delzoun (dwarf) – Blood relative of ancient dwarf kings
Renegade Red Wizard (wizard) – A Red Wizard no longer in service to Thay.
Scion of Shadow (Human, Shadar-kai, shade) – A noble of Nethril who has abandoned that land.
Devil’s Pawn – Marked by infernal powers.
Spellscarred Harbinger – Scarred by the Spellplague.
Bregan D’aerthe Spy (drow) – A drow mercenary.

Neverwinter Campaign Setting from Dragon Issue 401:

Seeker of Illefarn – self-sufficient elf wayfarer who stumbles upon an ancient secret
Son of Alagondar – a determined rebel opposing the imperialistic aims of Dagult Neverember.

Forgotten Realms Character Themes

Waterdavian Themes (Waterdeep Native) from Dragon Issue # 409

Blackstaff Apprentice (wizard) – Wayward Wizard Apprentice .
Halaster’s Clone – an ancient archmage’s rogue clone.
Masked Lord – A Masked Lord of Waterdeep.

Moonshae Isles Themes from Dragon Issue # 405

Knight of Synnoria (Iliyanbruen guardian) – An Llewyrr elf crusader that protects Nature and Home.
Northlander Reaver (Uthgardt Barbarian) – Moonshae viking warrior.
Darkwalker Kin (Pack Outcast) – An outcast that carries in them a dark primal past.
Sarifal Feywarden – Guardian of Sarifal that seek out information on outside threats to the realm.
Callidyrr Dragoon (Human or halfling) – High King’s elite guard who have received training in diplomacy and espionage.

Cormyr Character Themes from Dragon Issue #407

Purple Dragon (Good/Lawful Good Alignment) – Knights that have sworn service to the Crown.
Cormyrian Battle Mage (wizard) – elite battle casters sworn to the Crown of Cormyr.

Neverwinter Themes

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