New Player Handout

Sunday Nights in Neverwinter

Character Creation:

While I encourage the group to work together to make a somewhat balanced team (leader, controller, striker, defender), I want to impress on the players that this is a game I want you to feel comfortable in and truly enjoy what you put into it. As a DM I’m running this as a truly Heroic game. I’m giving everyone the same ability scores (which are WAY above the standard RPGA point buy) because while I like the balance, it’s balanced on the lower scale. While it looks like you have a great boon going in (and you do)…I’m going to be throwing challenges at you that you’ll really have to pull together to overcome (at least that’s the hope I have).

Starting Level: Level 1 :) I know it sucks to start at the beginning but this story really should start at the beginning. Considering this is a new program (at least for me) having a heroic tier adventure seems like a good place to learn the ropes.

Ability Scores: 18, 17, 16, 16, 15, 14

Races: If you are building your character from the Character Builder at Wizards (encouraged) I would steer clear of some of the more exotic races that are found in other settings (I.E. Mul, Thri-Kreen, Kalashtar, Bladelings, etc.) I’m not a hard core stickler of the Forgotten Realms races though, so if you really have your heart set on something let me know and we’ll work something out for you.

Classes: Any (In this campaign there really isn’t a bad choice.)

Theme: Themes in 4th give a little advantage to a starting character but are completely optional. Usually you get a starting feature then others at 5th and 10th level and then optional powers you can take at later levels. Also it has a corresponding background that gives you a small bonus (or choice of) a skill.

Here’s a small breakdown of the Themes presented in Neverwinter: Neverwinter Noble (Human), Oghma’s Faithful, Harper Agent, Dead Rat Deserter (Human, half-elf, halfling), Iliyanbruen Guardian (Eladrin), Uthgardt barbarian (Human), Pack outcast (Human or shifter), Heir of Delzoun (dwarf), Renegade Red Wizard (wizard), Scion of Shadow (Human, Shadar-kai, shade), Devil’s Pawn, Spellscarred Harbinger, Bregan D’aerthe Spy (drow).

A DM to Player Note: A good element that the Neverwinter Setting touches on is that while there are so many diverse backgrounds and themes, as well as races and classes that all these things are meant to inspire good fun roleplaying, not to set your character against the others in your party or at the expense of someone else’s fun. As DM I reserve the right to eject a disruptive character if it’s getting in the way of everyone else’s fun. This will be done first as a private warning to the player. And more importantly something isn’t working out to a player’s concept or expectations they can always switch at no penalty to make a more agreeable character if they desire). What I want to make clear is play the character you want, the way you want..but it’s a game that we are all playing here. We are trying to make a really good story TOGETHER. I’m not expecting everyone to be all goody-two-shoes…or even the occasional character (not player) butting heads in thought or ideology…but in the end know that I throw enough enemies at the party without you turning your allies against your character.

Miscellaneous Info: The Forgotten Realms is a HUGE game setting. There will be twists and turns. Challenges requiring a quick sword and sometimes an even quicker diplomatic phrase. I encourage roleplaying and reward it and I know that not everyone knows EVERYTHING about the Realms (I’m in this category…I haven’t read a single forgotten realms book since the original Drizzt books back in the day…). So if you need help creating a character I will help in any way I can. If you need help finding information on deities or anything specific to the Realms we can google it together or ask a fellow group mate.

And Lastly the Rules:

1.) I know we have (or will have) some GM’s in the group. This is honestly great. I don’t mind GM’s in the group as they can always help the newer players. Respectfully though, I have seen GM’s that just can’t let go and just enjoy and play a game of without quoting the rules and second guessing every decision the acting Dungeon Master (or fellow player) makes. I’m not a strict DM, I’m not a DM that kills his players all willy-nilly…while my game is challenging at times, it’s not a Player Killer game. As a player I hate making a new level 1 character every other game…it’s frustrating. So my advice to any rules lawyers out there is simple: “Enjoy the game…if you must focus on something, focus on the story and your character and how he/she can better help the group…sit back, relax, and have a blast.”

2.) We are here to have a Good Time whenever we have a scheduled game. Honestly, if you aren’t having a good time playing this game then we are doing it wrong. Don’t let this game, or anyone else’s’ out there sour your hobby. If you are having problems in the game (with me, or another player, or the game frustrating you) email me so I can try to help out your experience, I’ll do whatever I can to make it better. Worst case scenario honestly could mean you leaving our game but possibly finding a better one with another group (I can even help you find something more up your alley.)

3.)This last one should go without saying but here it is. We are all strangers here so please be respectful of your fellow gamers. Suggestions or helpful strategy is okay to talk about at times but don’t dictate or back-seat play another Player’s character (or get angry when they do the complete opposite thing you just suggested them to do). Refrain from Insulting or mistreating each other (or me lol). Remember this is a game, have fun, play nice, and we’ll all have a great time. If this last rule is just too hard to abide, you can always fake a disconnect and remove yourself from the game. (Sometimes it’s okay to step away…and healthy. We can discuss whatever upset you at a later date..after the session..if you wish)

4.) I’m the Dungeon Master…while I like to say Yes to a lot of the actions your character can take…occasionally I’m going to have to say No. Occasionally your character may die. Sometimes you will even roll badly. I’ll have final say in any ruling. While you may discuss your objection briefly….I’m not going to let one bad die roll to slow down the pace of the game to a crawl. I’ll make a ruling and we’ll continue on in the adventure. If you want to talk to me after the game about it (via email) I welcome you to do so. I don’t know every rule 100% or every little detail of the Forgotten Realms so we can talk about it for the next time….I may even change my mind about a ruling or I may not…and it’ll be okay. The story will continue and we’ll still have a fun time :) If the problem is a detail about your character that is misunderstood we can research the rules in-between games and if you still aren’t satisfied I’ll let you retrain or change that aspect of your character to better fit what you are looking for (if possible).

One final note on all that has been said prior to this and especially character creation. I stress to you that this game is for the fun of all. I say again that while I encourage the group to work together to make a party that “works” with all the roles. Create and truly make the character you’ve been dying to play, try the character you’ve always been curious to play but haven’t because of this or that reason. Play the character you love and are comfortable with. If you find out that the Drow Vampire that you made doesn’t click with you for this or that reason…change out for something else. I won’t penalize you in any way. (You will get a new character of the same level and can have the same money, the magic items you had on your other character can be exchanged out for same level or lower magic items that better fit your new race/class….if we can tie it in to your old character that’d be cool…but if not then it’s not going to wreck the campaign any.)

New Player Handout

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